Our Story

Corajio Unlimited Company trading as Mr. Price Branded Bargains is a wholly owned Irish company and is one of Ireland’s largest retailers, selling high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Our corporate head office is in Dublin, with offices in the United Kingdom, China and Croatia.

We have a growing network of stores across the Republic of Ireland. We do not manufacture goods but import them from various sources globally.

Modern Slavery Act

We value ethical relationships with all of our suppliers along the supply chain, and we are committed to working closely with our suppliers to root out modern slavery and to comply with ethical trading standards.

Policy and Due Diligence

Our suppliers are required to meet our ethical code of conduct.

Our code is aligned with the Ethical Trading Initiative base code, founded in the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

All suppliers are required to comply with our Code of Conduct which is reviewed annually.

Risk Assessment

We understand that Modern Slavery is a criminal activity and the signs can be difficult to determine. We endeavor to engage with suppliers of integrity to combat this risk.

We use risk assessment tools and our suppliers are committed to sourcing stock from approved sources.

As a retailer, in conjunction with our suppliers, we are committed to avoiding the use of minerals that have fueled conflict.

We engage with suppliers who do not source from any conflict-affected or high-risk areas, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries, that have been mined in support of armed conflict.

We are committed to conducting ongoing due diligence and setting clear expectations with our suppliers.


We are mindful and committed to complying with the Ethical Trade standards globally.

Modern slavery is a global issue. Key to combatting this crime will be ongoing ethical management of our supply chain to include traceability and transparency.