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Store Policy

Please note the following store policies for all of the Mr.Price Stores. 

1. Refunds/Exchange

  • Please see our Returns page for information on returning and exchanging items purchased from Mr.Price.

2. Admission

  • Management reserve the right to refuse admission to the store. 
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • No Dogs are allowed in store, with the exception of guide dogs.

3. Credit Cards

  • Minimum Spend on Credit card is €5. 
  • All Major credit cards are accepted. 

4. Product Pricing

  • Every effort is made to price our products correctly. 
  • If however, we make an honest mistake - for example, some labels are wrong and the marked price is lower than what it should be then you do not have an automatic right to buy the goods at the marked price. 
  • More information is available on the Consumer Help website: http://www.consumerhelp.ie/pricing-rules

5. Bag Levy

  • Plastic Bags cost 22cent. We are obliged by law to pass on this charge to customers and their receipt must reflect the charge for the bag. 

6. Product Restrictions

  • No Knives will be sold to under 18's.
These policies are in place to ensure the efficient and effective running of each Mr.Price store. They do not affect the customer's statutory rights. 
Please contact customerservice@mrprice.ie if you have any queries.