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Hi there!

Niamh here, an avid DIY’er and crafting fan! I love upcycling old furniture and giving things a new lease of life with a lick of paint! You will find me and my DIY and Interiors page over on Instagram @waitandsee.ie

January was such a long month so I wanted to make something to brighten up a grey afternoon and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought these heart trinket boxes were perfect, a really simple and inexpensive fun craft to make with my kids!

What you will need:

* Trinket Boxes €2.99 

* Glittery Post Paint - €2.49

* Gem Stone sticker and Gem Hearts - €2.49

* Paint brushes - €2.49

* A scissors - €1.99

* Under sheet/old table cloth

* Chocolate Hearts - €1.49

We started by painting the hearts with two coats of this fabulous sparkly red paint! Leave the paint to dry in between coats, now’s a good time for a cup of tea and a taste test of the chocolate hearts!

Once the paint was dry, we set to work with the fun part, decorating! The idea of ‘Less is more’ was thrown out the window for this little project, there was plenty of bling & sparkle used as you can see!

We simply cut the rhinestones into strips to fit the area and pressed them on, they are self adhesive and then decorated the lids with single hearts.


Finally, we filled the trinket boxes with chocolate hearts for a special Valentines treat. The trinket boxes could also be used to hold hair bobbins & clips afterwards.

All products were bought from Mr Price. The lovely Charlotte who is seven and three quarters had great fun!

A really simple craft to try out in time for Valentine’s Day so why not have a go!

Thanks for reading,